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Squad Writers

Meet the writers who make the Squad what it is.

You can filter them by what they write and the services they offer.

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A headshot image of the poet Lewis Brown.

Lewis Brown

Guruleen Kahlo

Eva Lewis

Freya Cook

Amina Aaliya Beg

Aoife Chan

Anna Chauri Phillips

Princess Arinola Adegbite

Jess Cowie

Lara Mae Simpson

Liv Aldridge, a white woman with short dark hair in a denim shirt, looks to the left hand side of the frame on a nature background.

Liv Aldridge

Megan Jones

Tallulah Howarth

Trinity Robinson

Annie Dabb

Elena, a young white woman with dark brown hair, looks at the camera from a white background.

Elena Barham

Charlotte Cropper

Jess Wood

Katie (Tom) Walters

colour headshot of writer Rory Thorp

Rory Thorp

Henna Ravjibhai

Lauren Hollingsworth-Smith

Naomi Thomas

Maia Brown

Karishma Sangtani

Celestine Stilwell

Ruth Awolola

Kayleigh Jayshree

Isabella Sharp

Tayiba Sulaiman

Chloe Elliott

A photo of Lauren Maltas - a white woman with brown hair tied back, wearing a white shirt with a floral pattern, smiling at the camera.

Lauren C. Maltas

Annabelle Fuller

Emily Yates

Jay Mitra

Nicholas Connor

A photo of Beth Westbrook, a white woman with long brown hair wearing a grey t-shirt. She is smiling at the camera.

Beth Westbrook

Chloe Timperley

Alice Hiley

Alice Noel

Zoe Cook

Morel O’Sullivan

Tife Kusoro

Jasmine Gray

Beth Davies

Laura Potts

Emily Pritchard

Shehla Ali

A photograph of Fahad Al-Amoudi, a man of Ethiopian and Yemeni heritage with a short beard and curly black hair. He wears glasses and a brown jacket with a sheepskin lining, and is speaking into a microphone.

Fahad Al-Amoudi

Aoife Inman

Pearl Andrews-Horrigan

Eloise Unerman

Hannah Hodgson

Hannah Hobson

Jack Hart

Nathan Dunn

Prerana Kumar

a black and white photo of Libby Williamson, a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair in a black T shirt.

Libby Williamson

Mack Sproates

Ryan Watson

Philip Brennan

Hannah Morpeth

Olivia Blyth

Max May

Anna Novitzky

Jasmine Simms

Warda Yassin

Sarah Fletcher

A black and white photo of Lydia Hounat, a British-Algerian woman with long dark hair, wearing a black top. She is standing in some woodland, and looking straight at the camera.

Lydia Hounat

Onyi Ekebuisi

Louise Essex

Ila Colley

Hannah Bullimore

Vivienne Burgess

Georgia Affonso

Riley Bramley-Dymond

Sally Ashton

Alexander Shaw

A photo of Chris Bush, a white woman with long brown hair, wearing a white top under a floral jacket, smiling at the camera.

Chris Bush

Dija Mulla

Safeerah Mughal

Nick Payne

Dani Watson

Zayani Bhatt

Cait O’Sullivan

Matthew Ingram

Yuan Yang

Samantha Gildea

Thea Ayres

Lydia Allison

Finlay Worrallo

Sophie Turner

Nasim Rebecca Asl

Katie Huggins

Katherine Sansom

James Giddings

James Varney

Jamal Gerald

Francesca Pidgeon

Chaz Josephs

Charlotte Wetton

Ben Taylor

Hannah Burdett

Wes Brown

Lenni Sanders

Charley Miles

May Sumbwanyambe

Fielding Ronshaugen

A photo of Sarah Gonnet, a white woman with long brown hair, wearing red classes with red frames as well as a green and blue top and smiling at the camera.

Sarah Gonnet

Lizzi Hawkins

Ruby Lawrence

Andy Owen Cook

Jessica Mitic

Tom Hosker

Jessica Wood

Leigh Matthews

Steph Webb

Sophie Marie Ward

Sian Hughes

Saba Sams

Ruth Yates

Robert Corcoran

A greyscale photo of Lydia Marchant, a white woman with long blonde hair, wearing a striped jumper under a grey coat. She stands with her hands behind her back and smiles at the camera.

Lydia Marchant

Lauren Vevers

Laura Attridge

Kym Deyn

Katie Byford

Katherine Henderson

A photo of Billie Collins, a white non binary person with short brown hair and glasses. They are wearing a black sweater, and looking off to the left of the frame. They are stood in front of a red door.

Billie Collins

Jei Degenhardt

Jessica Hanson

Mal Morgenstern

Jenny Danes

Jack Mann

Helen Bowell

Hannah Sowerby

Gregory Kearns

Gabriel Evans

Flora Carr

Elizabeth Gibson

Dominic Leonard

Daniel Critchlow-Whitaker

Charlotte Carrick

Annie Dobson

Amy Luxton

Phoenix CS Andrews

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