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Mal Morgenstern

Mal Morgenstern is a writer, indie comics artist, performance artist and scholar from Durham, UK. Mal makes art that is difficult, but brimming with a love for pop culture. They enjoy getting into the folds of bad feelings and twisting themselves like a knife. Their master’s dissertation was on masochism in the midcentury suspense novel, and it’s there in the intermingling of sensuality and violence that their work resides.

They have dabbled in academic criticism, media journalism, drag, and spoken word.

They are currently working on:

their debut novel, an erotic psychological thriller.
their first graphic novel, about a Y2K-styled team of girlboss war criminals.
an industrial hyperpop album of cover songs that aided them to better self-understanding.
a foray into YouTube.

Currently Mal is based in Newcastle upon Tyne but, given the Apocalypse, they're particularly interested in supporting online and remotely accessible projects. Contact if you’d like to work with them or see a portfolio of previously published work.

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