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Liz Gibson has a poem about nature, language, and neurodivergence in the Journeys issue of Under the Radar. Their poem ‘little ringed plover’ is also in Modron Magazine’s Issue 4.

Annie Dabb has an essay, ‘Emotional Embargo’, in Petit Mort.

Lewis Brown’s poem ‘The Curse’ will be in the upcoming RPG Zine by Coin-Operated Press.

Kym Deyn in The Selkie, Queerlings, and Strange Horizons..

Jasmine Gray has had two poems published in The London Magazine.

Liv Aldridge has three poems in Porridge.

Kayleigh Jayshree’s poem ‘The Love of My Life is a Haunted House with a Picket Fence’ will be available to read in Issue 13 of fourteen poems. It’s a prose poem inspired by Phoebe Bridgers. Issue 13 will be available here.

Jenny Danes features in Carmen Et Error Issue 8 and Rialto Poetry 101.

Prerana Kumar and Chloe Elliott have poems in Issue 10 of Bath magazine, you can read Prerana’s poem here and read Chloe’s poem here.

Chloe also has a poem in Issue 68 of The North alongside Celestine Stilwell and Karishma Sangtani. Chloe will be published in the upcoming Borders and Belonging anthology.

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