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Writing the Archive 2

A picture of the four writers and Project Lead Ruth Awolola standing in front of poetry library shelves

Manchester Poetry Library

Writing the Archive 2 is being hosted by Manchester Film Archive, Manchester Metropolitan University’s Special Collections and Manchester Poetry Library. 

Four Squad writers of colour, Chloe Elliott, Kayleigh Jayshree, Tayiba Sulaiman and Guruleen Kahlo will research and write about items or artefacts of their choosing across the collections.

They’ll be supported by Squad Grad/Board member and Poetry Library Learning Officer Ruth Awolola and her colleague Martin Kratz. 

We’ve spent a day looking round the collections and meeting staff.  Malika Booker sent us on our way with a tool kit on ways to look at and create work from archival material.

Writing the Archive was set up by Squad grad Fahad Al-Amoudi who, with Lydia Hounat and Prerana Kumar, focussed on objects in the British Museum. You can see the results in the PUSH 18.

This iteration is being funded by Manchester Poetry Library and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

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