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Publication News

From a book shop you can get Chloe Maughan’s piece in Rife, 21 Stories from Britain’s Youth, edited by Nikesh Shukla

and you could subscribe to the great Rialto for a poem by James Giddings in Issue 91.

while online you can read …

short fiction by Sian Hughes in Mechanics Institute Review online,

two poems by Jenny Danes in The Kindling,

and three poems by Emily Pritchard in Chantarelle’s Notebook

the sequence When will the rain come back from the water? by Sarah Fletcher in Blackbox Manifold

Yuan Yang writing about China’s surveillance society in the FT Magazine


and you can watch Kym Deyn reading her poem Family Secrets at the Unislam Final here


you can hear Elizabeth Gibson talking to Laura Potts on Chapel FM (at 36 mins)


James Varney is building up a pretty impressive collection of reviews on Exeunt and is creating a refreshing new style of writing about theatre on his own review site here


Hannah Hodgson is joining the editorial team of Student Pages.


And have a browse of our bookshelf to which we have recently added play scripts by Chris Bush and Charley Miles and poetry from Jessica Wood, Warda Yassin, Lenni Sanders and Dominic Leonard.

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