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23rd May 2023

‘Awareness’ Rehearsed Reading

A photo of Beth Westbrook, a white woman with long brown hair wearing a grey t-shirt. She is smiling at the camera.
Traverse Theatre
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Beth Westbrook

A reading of a new play by Traverse Breakthrough Writer Beth Westbrook.

When does raising awareness turn into exploitation? Aurora’s life has been shared online as part of her and her mother Emma’s social media channels MUMMY_WITH_A_MISSION. Aurora is now 17, and concerned about the impact of having her most vulnerable moments on the internet will have on her future. Aurora has also started engaging with the #ActuallyAutistic community. Emma refuses to take content down, leading Aurora to take her narrative into her own hands. As the world and #ActuallyAutistic community starts to wage in on this mother-daughter battle, can the relationship ever be repaired before the internet destroys them both?


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‘Awareness’ Rehearsed Reading 2023-05-23 Traverse Theatre
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