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Pearl Andrews-Horrigan 

Blair Breaking Hearts

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One (fictional) woman’s experience of Tony Blair, from Oxford University to the Iraq War.

7 mins.

Charlotte Carrick 


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A coming of age story about a young boy who must learn to come to terms with his mother’s illness.

9 mins

Riley Bramley-Dymond 


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Laura, broke and far from home, struggles to fit into her old friend’s new life.

Written and directed by Riley Bramley-Dymond.

10 mins

Ruby Lawrence 

Skipping Lunch

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A young woman walks across London, from the impoverished East End to the gleaming City.

Skipping Lunch offers a portrait of austerity Britain. It is inspired by the stories of young people who have experienced the care system.

Written, co-directed and produced by Ruby Lawrence.

6 mins


Sarah Gonnet 


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Sarah Gonnet examines hoarding from a non-judgemental viewpoint. Through shapes, artwork and soundscapes, Sarah conveys what it is to be an artist living in a hoarding space, and how creativity can be influenced by collecting.

Made for First Acts.  2.5 mins

Ryan Ogden 


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A petty thief breaks into a car but finds more than he bargained for. Written, directed, produced and edited by Ryan Ogden.


3 mins

Lauren Vevers 

your silences are like mine

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Lauren Vevers explores the transient nature of friendship in your 20s and what it means to leave.

3 mins



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A Square One recording of Francesca Pidgeon and her band Dilettante performing their new single Beg at The Chapel Works, Leeds

Find out more about Dilettante on Facebook and Instagram.

4 mins

Project H Writers 

Looking for H

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Looking for H was made by our Project H group led by Squad writer Lydia Marchant in Hull.

During 2017 we worked with writers Jess Lewis, Jodie Eve and Jonah Kensett. When we decided we wanted to make a film and brought in Manchester Squad member and film maker Riley Bramley-Dymond.

After a few evenings of planning and deciding on the individual stories we wanted to tell, we spent a wet July weekend with the team and their friends then Riley went away and weaved them together.

11 mins

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