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Stevie Ronnie & The Squad 

A Diary of Windows & Small Things

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In April 2020, a few weeks after Europe had entered lockdown, twenty-one writers living in the UK, France and Germany agreed to collaborate with artist and Squad Core Team member Stevie Ronnie to make an experimental film. ‘A Diary of Windows & Small Things’ is the result of that experiment. These rare and moving glimpses into our shrinking world were written, shot and recorded by the writers themselves using only their mobile phones.

Each writer was given a time of day to work with and asked to record the view from their window alongside a new piece of writing. These recordings were then arranged chronologically into a video diary that creatively documents this strange and unique moment in history.

27 mins

The writers who collaborated in the making of this film are (in order of appearance):

Lenni Sanders
Fielding Ronshaugen
Hana Kapetanovic
Ben Taylor
Ellie Streichholz
Jordan Philips
Tom Walters
Libby Williamson
Nasim Asl
Vivienne Burgess
Beth Davies
Finlay Worallo
Lydia Allison
K. Michaelis
Charlotte Carrick
Elizabeth Gibson
Helen Bowell
Jenny O’Sullivan
Jasmine Simms
Louise Essex
Ruth Yates

Title Track: Ugly Year by Francesca Pidgeon.

Lydia Hounat 

I'm Talking to Wood, I'm Talking to Stone - History Could Bring Fire!

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Prior to travelling to Algeria to research the Karakou jacket, Lydia Hounat sat down to discuss with her father the logistics of getting there and how she would be carrying out her work. Warning this film contains film of violence and its results. This film we be available until 1st October 1st 2020.

Georgia Leigh-Taylor 

One - Eighty

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The story of a young girl on her psychological and emotional journey as she comes to terms with what is happening to her.

5 mins

Melissa Wuidart-Phillips 


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Written from personal experiences, Melissa Wuidart-Phillips takes you into the challenges of adapting to new experiences and celebrates the beauty in the smallest of details. The film is a cinematic perspective on the uniqueness of the Asperger’s and celebrates the condition.

Help from the Squad enabled Melissa to work with Rommi Smith to develop the text as part of the Writing Britain project produced by the brilliant Studio 12 in Leeds.


3.5 mins

Pearl Andrews-Horrigan 

Blair Breaking Hearts

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One (fictional) woman’s experience of Tony Blair, from Oxford University to the Iraq War.

7 mins

Charlotte Carrick 


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A coming of age story about a young boy who must learn to come to terms with his mother’s illness.

9 mins

Katie Walters 

Resuscitate Me!

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A Homotopia commission with Ace Ambrose. Decisions no one should ever have to make that we are making anyway.


11 mins

Charlotte Carrick 


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Exploring the way female characters are introduced in scripts. Find new meaning behind their words through an abstract arrangement of objects.

5 mins.

Charlotte Carrick 


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Superwoman explores the complex stigma that surrounds our periods through the world of comic book characters.

5 mins.

Riley Bramley-Dymond 


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Laura, broke and far from home, struggles to fit into her old friend’s new life.

Written and directed by Riley Bramley-Dymond.

10 mins

Ruby Lawrence 

Skipping Lunch

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A young woman walks across London, from the impoverished East End to the gleaming City.

Skipping Lunch offers a portrait of austerity Britain. It is inspired by the stories of young people who have experienced the care system.

Written, co-directed and produced by Ruby Lawrence.

6 mins


Sarah Gonnet 


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Sarah Gonnet examines hoarding from a non-judgemental viewpoint. Through shapes, artwork and soundscapes, Sarah conveys what it is to be an artist living in a hoarding space, and how creativity can be influenced by collecting.

Made for First Acts.  2.5 mins

Ryan Ogden 


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A petty thief breaks into a car but finds more than he bargained for. Written, directed, produced and edited by Ryan Ogden.


3 mins

Lauren Vevers 

your silences are like mine

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Lauren Vevers explores the transient nature of friendship in your 20s and what it means to leave.

3 mins



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A Square One recording of Francesca Pidgeon and her band Dilettante performing their new single Beg at The Chapel Works, Leeds

Find out more about Dilettante on Facebook and Instagram.

4 mins

Project H Writers 

Looking for H

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Looking for H was made by our Project H group led by Squad writer Lydia Marchant in Hull.

During 2017 we worked with writers Jess Lewis, Jodie Eve and Jonah Kensett. When we decided we wanted to make a film and brought in Manchester Squad member and film maker Riley Bramley-Dymond.

After a few evenings of planning and deciding on the individual stories we wanted to tell, we spent a wet July weekend with the team and their friends then Riley went away and weaved them together.

11 mins

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