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Writing Stockport


Stockport Culture Champions is a programme aiming to increase cultural engagement in the town among people aged 50+.

Over the last year Lydia Allison has been leading a fortnightly writing group, a kind of writers gym where we use exercises to stimulate all sorts of writing, had guest workshops with Charlotte Carrick and Gregory Kearns  and tried to pass on workshop tips and techniques which might enable to the group to continue once the funding ends for or involvement.

Participants feedback has included, “It’s been a real pleasure to write with the group; both the process of responding to exercises and using that part of the brain, and then listening to others and being part of a community – albeit virtual – have been positive.”  And, “Can I say how much I am enjoying your sessions?  You push me out of my comfort zone into thinking differently and that gives me inspiration.  I know it comes from within me, but you are the spark that lights the fire.”

We are currently editing work from the group for an online publication out later in 2021. If you are interested in taking part in any future activity in Stockport, please get in touch!

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