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Prerana and Chloe in Bath Magg

A photo of Prerana Kumar, an Indian woman with long brown hair tied back, she is wearing a red skirt and glittery blue top, and speaking into a microphone. The photo is next to a photo of Chloe Elliott, a British/Chinese Malaysian woman with shoulder length dark brown hair, wearing a white sleeveless top, looking at the camera and smiling.
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Prerana Kumar
Chloe Elliott

Prerana Kumar and Chloe Elliott have both been featured in the latest edition of Bath Magg.

Issue 10 is available to read online now, and features Chloe’s poem Dreamholiday, and Prerana’s poem Legacy Story – Drape.

Bath magg is an online poetry magazine for new writing, it was founded in 2019 and publishes three times a year.




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