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Helen Gets ACE Support

A photo of Helen Bowell, a half-Chinese woman with short dark hair, wearing glasses, a floral shirt and purple jumper. She smiles at the camera, standing in front of a bookcase.
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Helen Bowell

Congratulations to Helen Bowell, who has successfully been granted ACE funding for her Bi+ poets project! The project will explore ‘the between-categories-ness of being bi+’.

The work will start in February 2023 and include:

-poetry writing workshops for bi+ poets, in person in 4 locations across the UK (Manchester, Glasgow, Norwich and London), and online

-an anthology of bi+ poets, with poetry, essays and other cross-genre poetic forms

-8 launch events in 7 locations across the UK in person and one online (Manchester, Glasgow, Norwich, London, Brighton, Edinburgh and York).

To find out more, follow @Bi_Poets on Twitter or click here.

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