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Parliament Hears About Our “Astonishing Success Rate”

We were chuffed to get a mention in Department of Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee proceedings on the 8th December.

Sunderland Central MP Julie asked how recent National Portfolio decisions contributed to the talent pipeline. Pete Massey, Director of Arts Council England North, responsible for Northern Economy & Partnerships, said “their success rate is astonishing, their alumni now write across pretty much all art forms” adding “that early investment in them by the Writing Squad, that intensive work over a period of time, will pay dividends for us and will pay dividends for the creative economy of the country.”

Squad Director Steve Dearden says, “We’re grateful to Pete, not only for drawing attention to our astonishing writers but also for mentioning literature and writer development, areas that often get left out of the wider arts and culture debate. If you want to see where our writers get to, go and have a browse of what we call our ever expanding crazy list here!”


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