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18th - 19th June 2021

Writing the Tarot Masterclass


Kym Deyn

Join Kym Deyn and The Braag CIC for a creative writing masterclass exploring how the Tarot can enrich the stories we tell.


In this workshop you will look at how the Tarot can be used to tell stories and provide structure. You will be guided on the rich folk tradition of the Marseilles Tarot and make use of digitised historical card decks. This workshop functions as an introduction to the Marseilles Tarot for use as a fortune teller or writer. When you get down to it, there’s not much difference: it is all about telling a good story. Rather than concentrating on occult symbolism, we’ll develop the skill of reading an image, and how those images can translate into your writing.

This workshop is a masterclass run in two parts on consecutive evenings. The first in this series will take place on Friday 18th June at 7:30PM and showcase the mysterious and evocative Major Arcana, including cards like ‘The High Priestess’, ‘The Moon’, and ‘The Hanged Man’. The second, run on the Saturday 19th June at 7:30PM and will focus on the exquisite detail of the Minor Arcana, comprising of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles.

No prior experience of Tarot or writing is required for this masterclass. It is suitable for both experienced writers/card readers and absolute beginners! The masterclass will be hosted by Kym Deyn, award-winning writer and experienced card reader.

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Writing the Tarot Masterclass 2021-06-18 Zoom
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