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10th August 2022

Workers’ Rights

A photograph of Elizabeth Gibson, a white woman with brown curly hair. She is wearing glasses and a black jumper with flowers on it. She is leaning against a lamppost.
Unit 4, Islington Mill
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Elizabeth Gibson

Elizabeth Gibson has been working with Islington Mill on a new project exploring the evolution of workers’ rights, and on August 10th will be sharing her work at a free event.

“I can’t tell you for sure what part we played, us wives and sisters and daughters. There were women in unions, of course, but I wasn’t one of them. I just tried to keep my family going…”

For our next public Heritage event, the poet, performer and theatre-maker Elizabeth Gibson has produced new poetry and dramatic monologues in response to the evolution of factory workers’ rights from the birth of Islington Mill to the world of fast fashion today.

Touching on the Weavers Union, Chartism and the collapse of the Mill, Liz’s new works personalise the upheavals of industrialism from imagined individual perspectives.

Our event will include free food from our friends at Deli Lama, performances of the new poetic works by Elizabeth, performances of the new monologues by the actors Keziah Lockwood and Ross Thompson, in-conversation and reflections.

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Workers’ Rights 2022-08-10 Unit 4, Islington Mill
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