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03rd March - 22nd April 2023

Too Much World at Once

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Billie Collins

Billie Collins’ debut play TOO MUCH WORLD AT ONCE is set tour nationally from March 2023, produced by Box of Tricks Theatre Company.

“We should’ve seen this coming. We did. We did see this coming. The world will not be kind to us because we haven’t given it a reason to be.”

The world turns. Dark clouds gather. Chaos is on the horizon.

On his fifteenth birthday, Noble transforms into a bird. Thousands of miles away, his sister Cleo is stationed on a remote island with the British Antarctic Survey. The birds have disappeared. Noble needs to reach her. Lying low until it’s time to take flight, he finds solace in misfit Ellis while his mum Fiona desperately tries to stop their home from falling apart.

A lyrical, theatrical journey that spans continents and lives, Too Much World at Once is an urgent coming-of-age story for our times.

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