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25th July 2024

Sunny Girl

Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool
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Beth Westbrook

Erin is a mess. But is she autistic?​ Erin has lived her entire life in a complete sense of disarray. She has no idea how to gain control of her life and has no idea why she isn’t normal. Erin wants an explanation for why she isn’t normal, and that explanation appears to be an Autism diagnosis.

In Sunny Girl, Erin takes us on her diagnosis journey, and as she discovers more about herself, she starts to realise there are other aspects in her life which are hurting her. Erin has to confront her past, with her sister ‘Tit Witch’, and her future with her boyfriend Alfie.

Sunny Girl is the anti rain man, and aims to show a side of autism that is very rarely seen on stage and screen.

Sunny Girl will integrate creative access including BSL and captioning.

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Sunny Girl 2024-07-25 Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool
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