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28th February - 18th March 2023

Person Spec

advertising image for Person Spec featuring an aillustrated shark sat at a work desk
Alphabetti Theatre
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Andy Owen Cook

Andy Owen Cook and Forest Sounds Theatre will present Person Spec at Alphabetti in 2023.


This is not a normal theatre show. It is a job interview. And you are the panel.​

Prepare to meet the next energised and highly-motivated job candidate, applying for an exciting new work opportunity. They’ve worked hard to reach the final stage of the interview process, and it’s time for you to help them succeed… or not.

Zantion Recruitment unlocks potential candidates on their creative and professional precipice, helping them become “the CEO of their own lives”. And they need your help. They want you to maximally evolve, self-disrupt, and auto-conference at this unique event. With Zantion, you will discover and design tomorrow’s workforce, today*.

The interviewees can’t wait to meet you. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm for their success (and a valid ticket).

Optional dress code: Business Magnate Megastar.

*Failure to attend will result in exclusion from future Zantion schemes.

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Person Spec 2023-02-28 Alphabetti Theatre
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