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04th September 2021

No end of the world

A photo of Chris Bush, a white woman with long brown hair, wearing a white top under a floral jacket, smiling at the camera.
Schaubühne Berlin
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Chris Bush

Chris Bush will be making her mainland-European debut with No end of the world, directed by Katie Mitchell at Schaubühne Berlin on 4th September.

The ice caps in the Arctic Ocean are melting, our oceans are getting warmer, and forests are burning. Something has to be done, that much is clear. But how can we hope for change when we keep repeating the same mistakes? Chris Bush’s new text is about climate change. Through the perspectives of class, patriarchy and colonialism, ” No End of the World” explores the climate crisis, that “hyperobject”, far too large to be fully understood and yet intertwined with almost every aspect of our lives. The piece does not offer a linear narrative, but fragments of innumerable possible narratives. The collage-like, fragmented form of the text invites us viewers to construct our own narrative.” 

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No end of the world 2021-09-04 Schaubühne Berlin
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