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09th - 13th July 2019

MAN DOWN by Jack Hart

Tristan Bates Theatre, London
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Nick is throwing Liv a surprise birthday party, he desperately wants to make her happy. He’s got her a holiday, he’s invited her friends and he’s made sure there’s cake- but Liv wants something Nick doesn’t want to give, so she takes it.

Written by Squad grad Jack Hart, Man Down tells the story of twentysomething Nick who, after being sexually assaulted by his girlfriend tries to ‘man up’ and move on. He takes on a promotion at work and avoids home life, but soon PTSD starts to manifest and Nick struggles to carry on pretending.

Man Down is a story for now told through gripping dialogue, humour, shadow puppetry and movement. It deals with themes of male mental health, sexual violence and healthcare; but more than that, it is a story of community, hope and survival.

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MAN DOWN by Jack Hart 2019-07-09 Tristan Bates Theatre, London
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