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23rd July 2020

Generation Rent Book launch


Chloe Timperley

Come and join us for the launch of ‘Generation Rent: Why You Can’t Buy a Home (Or Even Rent a Good One)’ by Chloe Timperley

Starts 7pm on Zoom

Housing has become a major issue in the UK, with many people priced out of the property market for good, renters living in insecure and unsafe accommodation, and growing homelessness.

In 2020, the global pandemic has left thousands unable to pay some or all of their rent. Meanwhile, as coronavirus gobbles up column inches and airtime:

  • The planning system is about to be radically refashioned in favour of the UK’s £12 billion property development industry,
  • Public land continues to be frittered away for yet more luxury homes young people can’t afford without family handouts, and
  • Genuinely affordable social homes are disappearing at an alarming rate, just as Britain faces an impending tsunami of job losses and tenancy evictions.

Can crisis be averted? And if so, how do we unpick this mess? The government plans to ‘Build Back Better’ to jump start the economy in post-pandemic Britain… But in whose interests?

Join us on Thursday 23rd July at 7.00pm for the launch of a new book by Chloe Timperley, Generation Rent: Why You Can’t Buy a Home (Or Even Rent a Good One).

The webinar will include a live discussion on what the future could have in store for generation rent, featuring:

  • Chair: Anna Minton, writer, journalist and Reader in Architecture at UEL. She has written two books, Ground Control in 2009 and Big Capital in 2017.
  • Chloe Timperley, author of Generation Rent: Why You Can’t Buy a Home (Or Even Rent a Good One), published by Canbury Press.
  • Giles Peaker, solicitor in the Housing and Public Law department at Anthony Gold Solicitors and the editor of the Nearly Legal Housing Law and Comment blog.
  • Josh Ryan-Collins, economist and Head of Finance and Macroeconomics and Senior Research Fellow at IIPP. He co-authored Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing, and his other books include Why Can’t You Buy a Home? and Where Does Money Come From?

There will also be a Q&A session for audience members to ask questions at the end of the webinar.

To register, reserve your ticket today, and you will receive a link to the Zoom webinar via email.

Copies of ‘Generation Rent’ are available direct from Canbury Press.

***All attendees will receive a 20% discount code and free P&P!***

About the book

Generation Rent digs into the economic and political reasons for the rapid rise in house prices, to reveal who’s cashing in – and at what price for everyone else – and discusses the radical steps we must take to solve the UK’s housing crisis.

During her research, Chloe went undercover at landlord events, spoke to MPs and activists, and joined a tenants’ union to witness first-hand the reality of today’s housing market. Most importantly, she listened to the stories of scores of young people stuck against their wishes in the private rented sector.

Now, she wants to share what she uncovered, and get Britain talking about what really drives our dysfunctional land and housing markets (hint: it’s not because we don’t build enough homes).

Praise for Generation Rent

“There’s something rotten at the heart of Britain’s housing sector, which is blighting the dreams of millions of young people. ‘Generation Rent’ dissects this morbid condition, with rigour and passion, and shows us a way towards treating it.” Oliver Bullough – Journalist and Author of Moneyland


“Chloe Timperley has written a lively account of arguably the country’s biggest social and economic problem: our dysfunctional housing and land markets. On three points, above all, she is absolutely right. Building far more houses is insufficient. We also have to transfer much of the additional value generated by development from private landowners to the state. And we must turn the taxation of land value into a robust pillar of our fiscal system.” Martin Wolf, CBE – Chief Economics Commentator at The Financial Times

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