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14th - 18th February 2023

Far Out

Far Out poster: an image of a pixelated astronaut
VAULT Festival London
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Libby Williamson

Three queer space adventurers, Jed, Ellis and Alma, search for a new planet in this wacky sci-fi adventure!

The year is 2150, and the Earth is nearly burnt out. The one remaining corporation has sent out thousands of spaceships to find a new home for the human race. Our three pilots dodge black holes, chase enemy ships and explode comets- it’s all a bit mad, this spaceship thing. As their friendship grows, so does the question: what do they do if they actually find a planet? And is the human race worth saving at all?

Written by Libby Williamson, directed by Lauren Lambert-Moore. Artwork by Arabella Wunderlich.

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Far Out 2023-02-14 VAULT Festival London
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