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18th - 19th June 2023

Far Out at Omnibus Theatre

Omnibus Theatre
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Libby Williamson
Three queer space explorers search for a new planet in this wacky sci-fi adventure!

The year is 2150, and the Earth is nearly burnt out. The one remaining corporation has sent out thousands of spaceships to find a new home for the human race. Our three pilots dodge black holes, chase enemy ships and explode comets – it’s all a bit mad, this spaceship thing.

As their friendship grows, so does the question: what do they do if they actually find a planet? And is the human race worth saving at all? 


FAR OUT is written by Libby Williamson and comes to Omnibus’ “glittering celebration of queerness and theatre” following an acclaimed run at VAULT Festival in February. 7:30pm.

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Far Out at Omnibus Theatre 2023-06-18 Omnibus Theatre
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