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20th June 2021

Dead [Women] Poets Society [Not] In London


We’re back, and this time, we’re everywhere!

Join us for an evening of resurrecting dead women poets online. This time we’ll be hosting two fabulous (living) poets: Bridget Minamore and Nina Mingya Powles. They will be communing with twentieth century US poets Margaret Walker and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. Find out more about these writers, and discover Bridget’s Golden Shovel and Nina’s zine inspired by these poets here.

The main event will be accompanied as ever by our popular Dead  [Women] Poets Society Open-Mic, for which we welcome poets and  performers of all and no genders to the (virtual) stage! Our only rule:  for every poem of your own, you should also read/perform one by a dead  woman or non-binary poet. When you get your ticket, just indicate that  you want to sign up and we will confirm whether you have a spot or not  by Sunday 18 July.

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Dead [Women] Poets Society [Not] In London 2021-06-20 Online
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