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31st August 2021

Dead [Women] Poets Society [not] in Halifax


Charlotte Wetton

We’re back, and this time, we’re everywhere!

Join us for an evening of resurrecting dead women poets in the beautiful town of Halifax. This time we’ll be hosting two fabulous West Yorkshire poets: Geneviève L. Walsh and Charlotte Wetton who will be communing with US Beat poet Diane di Prima and 18th century Irish poet Ellen Taylor.

The main event will be accompanied as ever by our popular Dead  [Women] Poets Society Open-Mic, for which we welcome poets and  performers of all and no genders to the (virtual) stage! Our only rule:  for every poem of your own, you should also read/perform one by a dead  woman or non-binary poet. When you get your ticket, just indicate that  you want to sign up and we will confirm whether you have a spot or not  by Friday 27th of July.

Normally, tickets to our events are £5, but we know online events  aren’t quite the same. So we’re offering £1 tickets, but the option is  there if you’re able and would like to pay £5 – it’d help us keep doing  what we’re doing. And if the £1 is really a barrier, select a £1 ticket  and use the code Halifax Concession at checkout for a free ticket. We’re also offering our merch as optional add-ons, just as if you were at a stall in the interval leafing through our wares!

Come for the poetry, stay for the resurrection! #jointheseance

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Dead [Women] Poets Society [not] in Halifax 2021-08-31 Online
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