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Bloomsbury Showcase

On Wednesday 19th June, five Squad prose writers were hosted by editor Alexa Von Hirschberg at Bloomsbury’s London HQ.

During the afternoon the five, Amy Luxton, Aoife Inman, Philip Brennan, Saba Sams and Vivienne Burgess,  met Bloomsbury staff from the editing, press, sales and design departments to give them an overview of the industry. They also met Commercial MD Emma Hopkin.

In the evening, Bloomsbury invited agents and publishers to come and meet our writers and listen to them read. Squad Director Steve Dearden said, “We have always known the pathways for poets and playwright, but how we break through literary prose writers has always been opaque, this kind of direct relationship, and the one we are building with Vintage, are game changers for us, and introduce excellent writers we have confidence in to publishers and agents at an earlier stage of their development.”

Alexa said, ‘Developing regional diversity and finding new voices is essential to the health of our industry. We hope the showcase helps this exceptional organisation forge links and connections with agents and publishers in London.’

In the picture Aoife, Phil, Saba, Amy and Vivienne are flanked by Alexa and Steve, and our Chair & Inpress MD, Sophie O’Neill.



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