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50 Mini-Goals And Counting

We can’t quite believe it, but this week, our Poets and Prose writers will meet for their 50th Mini Goals sessions. (Our script writers meet fortnightly, so they’re yet to reach the milestone!)

Mini Goals are regular Zoom sessions in which our writers set themselves goals for the weeks ahead.

These goals might be writing related (to finish a draft, to enter a competition) or they might be more personal (to go for a walk, to do some self care.) But they are always mini – nobody’s promising to write an epic – it’s all about checking in with and supporting each other. Here’s what a few of our writers and our core team have had to say about the sessions:

“At every Mini-Goal Session, there’s a lovely supportive environment in which everyone’s experiences and goals are treated as important and worthy of being listened to. Getting to know the other attendees and witnessing each other’s highs and lows has been such a bright spot in this difficult year. And those Wednesday evenings remind me that I’m still a poet, even when I’m not writing. Whether I’ve had a good or bad week, I always come away from a Mini-Goals session feeling more positive, hopeful and motivated.”

“Each week, the group has helped each other through not just our writing struggles, but also anything else we’re struggling with. It’s like a little writing family, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it. Here’s to the next 50!”

“It’s been astonishing and quite beautiful the genuine friendships I’ve made from it – I now feel quite close to people who are scattered all over the country (and Europe, actually) and the support has continued outside the weekly Zooms. I have always been really fond of the Squad and its work and its writers, but I’m amazed by how much more connected mini goals has made me feel. It also provided some much-needed structure and sanity through a really tough year. It’s really humbling to have such a core of regulars – people who have shown up nearly every single time across 50 weeks!”

“The pandemic has been tough but I know I would have been floundering without this supportive group. It’s encouraged me to try out story ideas I’d never normally develop, apply for opportunities I’d never normally consider and keep writing my novel when I’d normally have given up three times over; but more importantly I’ve felt connected to lovely people at a time when I could have so easily felt cut off. ”

“The weekly Tuesday evenings with this group of writers have been one of the things that have got me through the s**tstorm of 2020/21. We’ve seen (multiple) novels completed; we’ve celebrated publications, new jobs and other achievements; we’ve commiserated when setbacks arise; we’ve made a lot of bad jokes. It’s become a really amazing community, and I’m so grateful to be part of it.”

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