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Shehla’s New Vantage

Squad grad Shehla Ali has launched Vantage 66, a rebranding of her digital marketing business. Originally set up under the name SA-Digital, the business was rebranded after a once-in-a-lifetime trip Shehla took to cross the Antarctic circle.

“I decided to rebrand to show the growth of my business and what I would like to specialise in. I’m not going to lie, I put my initials together because the pressure to battle for a domain name was on. I recently crossed the Antarctic circle and knew where I wanted to be and to be more focused. Hence the name ‘Vantage’ and the co-ordinate for the Antartic cirlce ’66’ you have Vantage 66. My love for the outdoors and ambitions for exploring speak within my brand,” said Shehla.

Vantage 66 helps to build their customers an online presence, including marketing, social media, content creation and advertising. You can check out the company here.

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