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Matthew and Kylie and Me

Squad grad Matthew Ingram has been working with theatre company Rocket Box on their digital season. Every Monday, Rocket Box have been releasing new content ranging from radio plays to spoken word poetry shorts. Matthew’s recently released play, Kylie & Me, is a short play about idols and growing up queer in a working-class world.

“And I mean I’m not trying to be funny but you try listening to Spinning Around and not wanting to dance on the table”

Jamie is 16 years-old and tonight he’s off to see Kylie Minogue. Kylie’s his idol, and another idol of his, his dad, has bought the tickets. But everything’s not quite as it seems – because as Jamie starts to talk more and more, we learn more about the world that he’s growing up in and the obstacles that he faces every day.

You can listen on now YouTube or SoundCloud.

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