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Hull Young Playwrights

During Summer 2017, Squad 8 writer and Project H Workshop Leader, Lydia Marchant produced Hull Young Playwrights – a playwriting project for 6 writers, aged 16-21 – funded by Arts Council England and supported by the Writing Squad and Hull Truck Theatre.

The group took part in workshops at Hull Truck Theatre, run by Lydia and director, Oliver O’Shea and Q and A’s with creatives Steve Dearden, Tom Wells and John Godber, before being tasked to come up with their own 5-10 minute monologues or duologues.

The writers selected were Cole Green, Hannah Hobson, Isabella Sharp, Melissa Holmes, Megan Mumby and Rachel Horner.

Their pieces were directed by Oliver and performed on Hull Truck Theatre’s main stage by a professional cast, Jo Mousley, Robert Wade, Beth Walker and Kamal Kaan.

For many of the group, this was the first time any of their work had been staged. The pieces were then recorded by Liam Ledgeway, sit back and enjoy them here.











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