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Francesca Joins Our Core Team

Francesca Haig is joining our Core Team as our prose specialist. A novelist, poet and academic, she is the author of novels The Fire Sermon,  The Map of Bones, and The Forever Ship, a post-apocalyptic trilogy translated into more than twenty languages. She is a Visiting Writing Fellow at the University of Chester.

Francesca says,  ‘I’m thrilled to be working with the Writing Squad. I share their vision for nurturing the best writers in the North, and can’t wait to be part of the exciting work that they do. I’m looking forward to meeting the many brilliant writers in the Squad, working with them, and learning from them.’

Squad Director, Steve Dearden says, ‘This is an exciting departure for us, reaching outside the region to find the writer who will make the biggest difference to what we do, and whose published and soon to be published work best fits the range of genres our writers are exploring. Within days of being appointed Francesca was part of one of our lockdown minigoals sessions for prose writers and seeing the way she interacted and got what we are about, makes me very confident and happy about the future.’

Francesca joins our Core Team of Emma Adams, Malika Booker and Stevie Ronnie.

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