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Forest Sounds’ Person Spec

A photo of Andy Owen Cook, a white man with shoulder length blonde hair and a beard. He wears a yellow shirt with a grey jacket, and looks off to the left of the frame.
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Andy Owen Cook

Andy Owen Cook’s company Forest Sounds have received Arts Council Funding to produce Person Specin partnership with Alphabetti Theatre.

Running from 28th Feb-18th March, and touring to Sheffield and London, Person Spec is an interactive, inter-disciplinary show exploring precarious employment and the future of labour. The show blurb can be found below.

In part co-created with non-professional artists in Newcastle, the show will be devised by the company and written by Andy. The £28k award from the Arts Council marks a significant step up for the company. Andy said:

“I’m absolutely over the moon. The Forest Sounds team and I have all worked really hard – through various lockdowns – to forge the show, and get the resources, money and space we need. With this funding we can do that now. It’s a brilliant for me and all the artistic team, professionally. The Squad (Steve!) coached me through the process: giving much needed encouragement, advice and guidance, in creating an artistic business, fundraising, and how to talk about my work to other people. Without it I really don’t think this would have come together.”


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