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09th September 2023

Unfurl: Portrait of Another World

The Bound
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A free event to celebrate the launch of Unfurl, a speculative fiction chapbook by Kym Deyn, Nathaniel Spain & Finlay Worrallo

The great dials of Natural Philosophie may turn this way or that, but the supreme answer goes unpublished: Is Life inevitable under the correct conditions, or is it but fluke? And what pincer guides this realisation of Potential?

Enter an imaginative journey through the landscape and history of another world, and the curious beings who live there.

Unfurl, features vignettes, flash fiction, prose poems and short stories from Kym Deyn, Nathaniel Spain, and Finlay Worrallo, is a tour-de-force of speculative and experimental writing.

Join the authors at a free event in The Bound, an independant book shop in the coastal town of Whitley Bay (just a 20min metro ride from the city centre!) for a reading, and to hear about the projects The Braag CIC has lined up for the next year. 7pm.


“Reminiscent of Borges at his most eclectic, an evocative collection of poetic glimpses. It breathes life and intrigue into the sorts of questions that will linger long and loud through a philosophical night.” – Jeanette Ng, author of Under the Pendulum Sun

“Unfurl is a collection of glimpses into an uncanny new world, rich in myth and history. Encounter mysterious shelled creatures, Librarians-at-Arms, and parasitic fungi. Fragmentary, playful, and often poignant – this is a weird, fun journey that you definitely won’t regret.” – Francesca Haig, author of The Cookbook of Common Prayer

“The items are so varied and detailed that you will forget you are reading a work of fiction. From recipes to bedtime stories, archeological records to religious lore, the pieces in Unfurl present a complete work of mythopoeia.” JW Stebner, editor of Hegagon SFF Magazine

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Unfurl: Portrait of Another World 2023-09-09 The Bound
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