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28th February - 02nd March 2018


ADC Theatre, Cambridge
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Squad grad Kate Collins has written a play, Stormface, which is being performed later this month at ADC Theatre.

E is struggling to come to terms with her changing body, R is obsessed with a 1940s movie star, and O and J are doing a parental practice run. As the action unfolds, their stories intersect and these disparate threads become interwoven by common themes so that, by the end, they have each grown into themselves a little more.
Ultimately, it explores femininity, love, and how it feels to know the world wasn’t quite made for you.

Stormface is a play by Kate Collins. Her previous play, Spiders, recieved ★★★★★ from Varsity and the Tab, and 10/10 from TCS.

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Stormface 2018-02-28 ADC Theatre, Cambridge
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