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20th November 2018

Sheffield Women in Tech

Sheffield Technology Parks
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Join squad grad Shehla Ali for Sheffield Women in Tech’s next event.

Shehla Ali is a freelance digital marketeer, drone photographer and a Google Digital Garage trainer. Shehla also runs Cameratic, a blog she created to showcase her photography, filming and copy writing, as well as Drone 360, where she creates aerial photography. 

Shehla will talk about her rollercoast ride since quitting her job two years ago to work remotely and travel. Since then she has set up multiple companies, further developed her knowledge of technology and experienced working in male dominated environments. If you’re a budding creative who doesn’t know where to start or more experienced but stuck in your comfort zone, this talk may give you a quiet and gentle push to start moving.

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Sheffield Women in Tech 2018-11-20 Sheffield Technology Parks
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