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24th - 27th July 2018

Scenes from the End of the World

The Yard Theatre, London
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Squad grad Chris Bush has written a new play, Scenes from the End of the World, which is on at The Yard Theatre this July.

The play explores fourteen funny, irreverent and thought-provoking scenarios that explore the end of the world.

“The ocean is boundless
But of this I’m sure
We must keep it clean
And we must keep it pure
For our sons and our daughters We must save the waters
For that’s how this place ought to be…

But fuck the seas! Fuck the seas!
Fuck all dolphins and all manatees!
I have no quarrel
With poisoning coral
Fuck the seas, fuck the seas, fuck the seas!”

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Scenes from the End of the World 2018-07-24 The Yard Theatre, London
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