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31st December 2023

Happy New Quee-Year 2024

Were you a shark boy, lava girl or spy kid? Happy New Quee-year 2024-D want to invite you to a world of motion, vibration, scent, rain, mist, bubbles, fog, smoke, wind, and temperature changes (warning 4D experience not guaranteed). Mack and Mama Rhi ask you to join them for an alternative cabaret for all us nerds. This evening of cabaret will consist of weird, wonderful, and feel-good acts which range from burlesque to spoken word and lip sync that are sure to make your 2023 end with a bang. This event does not exclude LGBTQIA+ Allies but welcomes them to join their queer friends. It will be filled with sugar spice and everything nice.


This event is hosted by Squad grad Mack Sproates and collaborator Rhianne / Mama Rhi.

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Happy New Quee-Year 2024 2023-12-31
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