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05th - 26th August 2017

Church of Jim

Black Market
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You have many questions.
Is the world going to end?
What is Jim?
Will there be cake?

Venture into the recesses of Moor Theatre Delicatessen where we will meet in secret.

Welcome to the Church of Jim. Here, we gather the lost, drawn like moths towards a flame. It is a place of salvation. It is not a place of conspiracy, parking fines, and undercover police. It is a place of celebration, exegesis and cake.

We know you are scared.
But do not be afraid. Jim welcomes you.
Do not worry about the ticket price. Jim will provide*.
Do not despair at the outside world. You are beautiful rainbow.
Do not watch television. You are the movie star of your own life.
Believe in Jim. Discard your GPS implant. Be lost no more. Be found, forever.

NSA & Secret Police welcome.

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Church of Jim 2017-08-05 Black Market
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