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05th July 2022

163 Days Virtual Launch


Hannah Hodgson

Join Hannah Hodgson on the 5th of July for the launch of her debut collection 163 Days, published by Seren Books.

Poets Lydia Allison and Kathryn Bevis will also be reading at the event.


Hannah Hodgson is an award-winning poet and a palliative care patient. In her compelling debut collection 163 Days, she uses a panoply of medical, legal, and personal vocabularies to explore what illness, death and dying does to a person as both patient and witness.

163 Days is the length of Hannah’s longest period of hospitalisation to date. In this long poem, she probes various truths, personal and medical; truths which clash like a tray of dropped instruments in a silent operating theatre.

The mundanity of hospital life is marbled by a changing landscape of mood, hope and loss. Her symptoms are painful. She has numerous tests and procedures to keep her alive long enough to figure out what’s wrong. A gap yawns between the person she is, and the person in her medical notes.

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163 Days Virtual Launch 2022-07-05 Zoom
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