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Celestine’s Show Nominated for OffWestEnd Award

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Celestine Stilwell

Celestine Stilwell’s show ‘May Contain Traces of Nuts’ which was performed at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been nominated for an OffWestEnd Award (Offie) in the category ‘OffFest’. If you saw the show, you can support their nomination with an audience review.

Winners will be announced at the Offies Awards Ceremony 2024 to be held in February/March 2024.

In an isolated village, a group of teenagers seek to find their place in the world. On the anniversary of their friend’s suicide, they smoke up. Swimming through drugs and the entrenched toxic masculinity of generations, Frankie grapples to understand his own trans-masculinity. Fears of the outside world and of the gang separating prove too much. As the evening clambers on, long-warming tensions bubble over. The question of manhood erupts when Digger accuses Frankie of choosing an identity he didn’t earn. Perhaps queer manhood offers a new start at choosing our place in the world?

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