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Sarah Releases Poetry Album

Sara Fletcher is releasing an album of music and poetry with musiconceptime. When will the rain fall? is a three-track digital album now available on Bandcamp.

On the new album, Sarah said, “At the time [of writing], I was trying to think about how I could write simultaneously: I wanted the reader to have multiple images and ideas in a single flash.

Marinetti’s essay on the Destruction of Syntax was my biggest influence here. I wanted my poetry, too, to have “Condensed metaphors. Telegraphic images. Maximum vibrations. Nodes of thought. Closed or open fans of movement. Compressed analogies. Color Balances.

This music has managed to exorcise what I hoped to do with the project: give the feeling of oppressive simultaneousness. I’m proud of the way it has teased the menace — through drumming, loops, repetition — that I hoped this bizarre poem would accomplish.”

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