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Issue 8





Welcome to a feast.  We’re serving up all the things we have made recently.

Right round the edge of the PUSH8 plate you can enjoy the results of our weekend at the John Rylands Library in Manchester.  At the invitation of our friend Harry Jelley, the Library’s Visitor Engagement Assistant, we spent two days being inspired by the collection, writer/artist Stevie Ronnie and printmaker/artist Theresa Easton. We cut things up, stuck things down, smashed, printed, we wrote on wood, stone and bone.

Slap in the middle you’ll find two films we made in a weekend with Matt Rowan Maw and Ben Wilkinson of Deranged Industries, gathering and brainstorming on a Saturday morning, writing over lunch, filming Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, editing Sunday afternoon and uploading to Vimeo Sunday night.

And we have three amuse-bouches too, extracts from a wonderful free ranging sound piece by James Varney and Lenni Sanders, a film Steve made on Gavin Hudson’s Instagram Bench Views, and a little flash project we are doing with Leeds Indie Food Festival, five poems to go with five courses served up at The Swine That Dines’ Cheese & Swine supper club.

Tuck in.

Steve Dearden

May 2015


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