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Issue 7




We have been playing with radio a lot this year, mostly with our friends Peter Spafford and Adrian Sinclair at Heads Together/ELFM.  PUSH7 contains some of the results.

Three Cycle of Sound pieces commissioned by Heads Together to celebrate Yorkshire’s Grand Depart.

Then a beautiful song, a short monologue of loss and a radio collage on lullabies – all from a programme we made with ELFM exploring memory.  Others contributed to that programme and we’ll bring you their work in later editions of PUSH.  If you can’t wait you can find the whole programme here.

PUSH7 features work by Charley Miles, Jasmine Simms, Ruby Lawrence, Steph Webb and the sound artists Ed Heaton, Greta Eatcott and Karen Lauke.

Sit back and listen.

Steve Dearden, Danny Broderick

November 2014

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