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Issue 6


Excerpt from FADoubleGOT…


F. I. E. R. C. E. spells Ms. Fabulash Jones. Let’s be real now. I love me. Your toilets ain’t clean enough for my shit. Don’t I look fab today? Paparazzi, your star is here. STOP recording me! I’m only kidding. Does my arrogance upset you? Make you feel uncomfortable? Good.

Mmmmm, no bitch can touch me. There is no crossing my lane. I’m the real deal, take a sip of my genuine ways. Crumble in my shadows. The shadows of a goddess, too cool for old school Greek mythology. Vest top tight. My lips always be popping, but no one pays attention unless they look like crimson flesh.

I wasn’t always this fierce – being perfection takes time. You guys wouldn’t know that, of course. Everything . . .

Being a young fine mahogany queen wasn’t always the easiest.

From having his father’s presence silenced with marijuana smokes. A mother, wanting to get rid of a Queen. Disappointed. Shocked. She was more than happy to get rid of royalty. But, she now knows a Queen is worth having. Gives good tips on daily outfits. She now realises being a Queen isn’t a choice, it’s a destiny.

I was always there, a part of Jamal. Just happened to be discovered on May the 3rd 2013.

A list of events that led him to becoming fierce:
Outed on one’s updated status, on whatever was ‘in’ back then.
A hot topic. He was infamous for being fabulous.
Ooooh. What should he choose? Pills? A chair?
Is Jamal really ready to hang ; with the queens that have left before him?

So many options to end his fierce ways. Once he entered the playground he heard F A Double G O T, F A Double G O T – on insecure lips. I was built out of him being ashamed. I am the speaker for this speechless one. I always say to cheer him – her – up. You pose, my Queen. And look like one fierce top bitch. Snap! yo fingers like only a true Queen knows how to do.

Girl, you better wipe your depression away. Cause, Ms Fabulash Jones is here to stay.

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