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after Sean Bonney



instead of saying I’d like to file a complaint say 

I’d like a new yacht don’t say human rights act say

I’d like a new yacht 

instead of your ancestors are watching say one new yacht please

instead of soup kitchen say brand new yacht

instead of eight feet of snowfall say brand new yacht

instead of thinking police brutality or voter suppression

remember your brand-new yacht

hold on to that mantra

when inconvenienced on the elevator by activists 

simply remind yourself you have a new yacht

don’t think about undrinkable water supply or 

the market is crashing say my new yacht

when a homeless man stops you for some change say yacht

when a little girl grabs you by the wrist to tell you

she is lost say I have a new yacht when your tenants say nowhere else to go

say new yacht new yacht when the tsunami swallows your office block 

before you can gather your paperwork hold on to that I have a yacht



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