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‘Benjamin Zepheniah reclines on a bed,
reading Green Eggs and Ham on an endless loop.’

‘Nailed to the margins of England’

‘Who made my jumper a dust cover?’

‘In a lotus flower pose’

‘A canopy of teen fiction and guides for dummies’

‘Who needs bean bags when you have superhero comics?’

‘Call this place, A House of Lords and Commons
Where we all feel small in the reference section.’

‘You’ll find Larkin’s ghost in the biography section;
He loves a good laugh.’

‘Loo roll has been replaced by a stack of (insert name books).’

‘On the classics table you’ll find Joyce
Swinging his metaphorical dick’

‘We have a new section called: Things I will (never) get round to reading.’

‘Duodecimal, decidual, dual, decibel, Desigual, deciduous, decidedly indubitably dubious’

‘A library for the insecurely attached’

‘Books are a load of wank’

‘Stalk the librarian’

‘My kingdom for a library’

‘Call this place a library’

‘Call this place a hospital’

‘A library which is actually a swimming pool’

‘Tiptoe around’

‘Flick through’

‘Run your fingers along’

‘Whatever you do, don’t’

‘Eat crisps’

‘Leave the lights on, like a ghost light in the middle of a stage’

‘Find yourself in the self-help section’

‘And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for’

‘Eat the dust that settles on the shelves’

‘Kiss the librarian’

‘A library which is actually a holiday park’

‘A library which is actually an intelligent critique of the class system’

‘All the books my mother is half-way through reading
positioned like tiny scouts tents around a fire’

‘Surely there is, somewhere’

‘A library for speakers of the one true language’

‘Book worms go nicely in Earl Grey’

‘Please note: bookmarks are to be used only for
Conjuring spells.’

‘This is because dog eared books have a knack
Of turning into carnivorous canines.’

‘Happy to have been a footnote
at the end of the other’s long day’

‘Which is only another way of saying’

‘A library for the end of the world’

‘If you’re looking for a library’

‘To grow old in’

‘To wake up in’

‘Break wind’

‘Whatever you find there’

‘Screaming between the pages’

‘Sunbathing under the libraries artificial lights’

‘Burn off some steam on the library’s revolving doors
like hamster in a wheel’

‘Spare a thought for the librarian’

‘Sleeping in a nest of books’

‘Or looking for a place to start’

‘Books are people too’

‘A lost book is a book in the wrong place’

‘Books don’t have feelings’

‘Let yourself read’

‘Understand, your place in the library was always this’


‘Don’t expect to be understood’

‘Money won’t help you here’

‘What you need, my friend, is a library card’



Records for Fahad Al-Amoudi &  Jasmine Simms

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