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In 2000, Norton Internet Security discovered
a new threat to the nation – Millennials.

Millennials are sneaky, unpredictable,
you may have one hidden on your hard drive right now.

They attract cookies, unwanted downloads,
and high service charges if they find a way onto your phone.

Current trends suggest Millennials are often inactive
in a system, using up RAM and slowing down processor speeds.

If you suspect a Millennial attack, it’s advised you stop
online banking to prevent the drainage of your savings account.

Last year, Avast stopped 100,000 attacks by Millennials,
yet they still plague 7 in 10 computers.


Rare Sightings

While the other girls were pretending
to be daisies and daffodils, you fancied

yourself a ghost orchid. Everything was
underground with you, whispered words, tips

of icebergs. Stories about the legendary
curves of your long white legs got lodged

in young heads. By the time you were sixteen,
getting a look at you was like seeing a UFO.

You would show up, flash your flesh and disappear
again. Ghost Hunters, boys who called themselves

men, chased you with the thrill of the hunt
on their faces, as I stood by, fearing your extinction.


Eloise is a writer from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who writes poetry and short stories. 

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