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Editorial – Telling Online Stories

Samantha Gildea


What is digital journalism? It’s a question that is still being answered, discussed and experimented with on a daily basis. Storytelling online is evolving and changing rapidly as digital audiences grow, with video, social media and audience analytics changing the way journalists create the news.

For five Squad writers in Newcastle, this question shaped a day of exploring the city’s main thoroughfares, talking to strangers, searching for a flash of colour beneath grey skies. Shining a light on a place often overlooked. Finding the people behind the statistics and newspaper headlines. Indulging in nostalgia to honour a local hero.

The pieces you are about to read all bridge the divide between writer and audience – something online content strives to do. They inspire discussion, curiosity, empathy. The authors share their experiences, opinions and humour in a way that makes reading a story feel more like a chat with a mate in the pub.

It was an honour and a delight to work with such a talented group – I came to help them explore a new platform and style of writing, and left inspired by the creativity bursting out of the room.

If you like a piece, or it resonates, or you have something to say – be heard. Share it on social media. Contact us with your views. Be part of the conversation.



Samantha Gildea

Squad Grad & Digital Development Editor at the Huddersfield Examiner

Samantha and the Examiner team picking up the O2 Yorkshire & Humber Award for Best Online Media.

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