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Flash Project Sites

with Gemma Seltzer and David Gaffney

Sometimes we generate projects without external partners. Usually these come out of residential weekends when we might make a film or work with a group of artists on ‘flash projects’, making work quickly to explore a new medium.

In November 2013 we worked with writers David Gaffney and Gemma Seltzer, and web wizard Ross Featherstone in Manchester, going out onto the streets and collecting material to make four websites which sadly are no longer available. But they were: 192, a visual and sound piece recorded on the iconic 192 bus along the A6 to Stockport and beyond, Humanchester a collection of vox pops from people in the city centre holding up placards with words important to them, Manchester Break Up a series of ‘found’ letters signalling the end of realtionships and Positive Solutions a prescient spoof on recruitment and isometric testing.

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