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Princess Arinola Adegbite Wins an Eric Gregory Award 2023

Squad 11 member Princess Arinola Adegbite is one of the winners of the The 2023 Eric Gregory Awards. The Eric Gregory Awards, for a collection by poets under the age of 30, were founded in 1960 by the late Dr Eric Gregory for the encouragement of young poets.

‘It was a huge pleasure to be confronted by a varied and talented list in this year’s awards. What this suggested for me was a new cohort of emerging voices with a keen sense of what’s at stake in this cultural moment, a willingness to engage with troubling and complex subject areas, and a largely self-reflexive capacity to interrogate the self. My own imagination and proficiency as a reader was stretched again and again.’
Wayne Holloway-Smith, 2023 Eric Gregory Award judge

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