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Katie Collaborates for Homotopia

Squad grad Katie Walters has collaborated with musician Ace Ambrose on Resuscitate Me!, a special project commissioned by Homotopia Arts LGBTQ Festival. The duo confront the stark current issue that “when healthcare services are under extreme pressure, tough decisions are made about who is worth treating in ICU. Disabled people are more likely than non-disabled people to be considered low priority for care.”

“We felt regarding the current crisis, it was important to spotlight the perspective of a community with an outspoken opinion about the realities of being queer and disabled during a pandemic. There’s a real justified fear of being abandoned by the government and neglected, left to fill out DNRs. This piece is an act of rebellion declaring our existence and right to live,” said Katie.

Radical Body, a disability arts organisation founded by Katie, have a brilliant twitter thread with more info here.

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