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Hannah’s Patreon Pledges

Squad member Hannah Hodgson has set up her own Patreon profile to fund her disability and hospice advocacy work.

Already an active writer and content creator, Hannah lives with a life limiting illness. She creates poetry, blogs and videos surrounding this theme, talking about everything from death and hospice care, to the lighter side of having a visible difference. As her illness prevents her from working in a traditional way, using a Patreon profile to supplement her project income allows her to continue producing her creative and engaging content.

You can check out Hannah’s Patreon here. Up for grabs are:

– Pill Poems – small poems encased inside a pill!

– Access to videos 24 hours before they are published on YouTube

– A monthly set of writing prompts

– Exclusive audio content

– The unreleased audio book of Hannah’s recent pamphlet Dear Body

– One to one feedback on your own poetry

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